In many accountancy firms completion of your accounts will not normally take place until sometime after your year end (in some cases this could be up to 18 months past).
This may result in some unsuspecting tax bills with only a short period of time to pay. This hinders your choices throughout your year thus not allowing you to make financial decisions when it matters.
Bookkeeping is the one main annoyance for any small business. Because records of business transactions must be kept in good order for the Customs & Excise and Inland Revenue, it can be a major headache for some people.
You can be fined upto 3,000 for not keeping proper records.

Cabbie” Computer Bookkeeping and Accounts Software Packages.

The “Cabbie” range of Bookkeeping & Accounting software can be  identified by its name & Number i.e:

 Cabbie 2005 is for the tax year ended 5 April 2005

Cabbie 2006 is for the tax year ended 5 April 2006

Cabbie 2007 is for the tax year ended 5 April 2007

Cabbie 2008 is for the tax year ending 5 April 2008

Cabbie 2009 for the Tax Year ending 5 April 2009

(Each one is for that particular tax year, as the program has embodied in it the Inland Revenue figures for that tax year.Say for instance if Cabbie 2006 was used for the tax year 2007 it would give incorrect figures)

You complete your accounts on an ongoing basis, with each input your data is updated from the records you provide allowing you to instantly see your current financial position including Tax liabilities and allowing you time to prepare.
Because you have full access to view your profit & loss accounts on your computer means that any records inputted by you are automatically updated allowing you to make informed decisions when it matters.


But this is not just  a bookkeeping system “Cabbie” even Completes a copy of your annual self assessment tax return with all boxes referenced and a Calculation of  Personal Tax and National Insurance liabilities.