How many times have you said I wish I could do my own accounts. How much will you save if you did Why don’t you ? what excuses do you make for not doing ? If I could show you a way to do it yourself, with no knowledge of accountancy needed, which will save you a lot of money, Would’nt you do it ?

Designed exclusively for the Taxi Driver.

      How does it work?     How easy is it?
      Just like filling in a book you can easily type in from the opening page your personal details
      Once filled in, it will take you to the daily/weekly/monthly pages to input your figures.

      From these figures the program will automatically produce an accountants style analysis with an up to date calculation of individual expenditures and record of income, that you can view allowing you to make decisions based upon your current situation.
      Also still from the original figures you entered, it will produce a professionally looking profit and loss account for financial use.
      Again from those figures, provides information, allowing you to complete the SA103 Self-Employed Tax Return just copy the figures into the corresponding boxes on the return or use the revenue Internet login service.
      There is also a section to calculate Capital Allowances, which again are automatically transferred into the final figures.

      And now no more wondering what tax you may owe because your Cabbie program prepares a statement of possible tax liabilities or rebates due.
      You can even print off the weekly/monthly sheets to keep a manual record before entering in computer
      With a superb after sales support makes ‘CABBIE ‘ the natural choice to make for your bookkeeping & accounting needs.

      So easy to use and understand with a once only entry of information as the program calculates and updates automatically. No knowledge of accountancy needed. No more adding up.

Look at all these features

  • Once Only Entry (takes minutes to enter information)
  • Automatically updates and calculates
  • Produces Weekly & Monthly figures
  • End of Year Profit and Loss Account
  • Contains an Accountants style analysis
  • Capital Allowance Calculations
  • Produces information for completion of the Self-employed Tax Return
  • Includes  Estimated Tax Calculation, Updated regularly
  • Help files and information on use Online Help and advice on using the program
  • Cwf 1 Inland revenue form
  • Technical & systems requirements: As the spreadsheets are designed on excel it is essential an excel program is installed on your computer.
  • Cabbie Bookkeeping and Accounts Software Packages are a single-user program designed to suit any self employed driving business, may not be resold without specific permission of the owner who retains the copyright. You purchase a licence to use and copy the program for your own business only.

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